As a federally recognized Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with almost 30 years of experience financing nonprofits, NFF is flexible and tailors loans to individual clients based on their unique financial story, plans and capacity.

NFF loans can help your organization:

  • Purchase, build or renovate a facility, including leasehold improvements
  • Upgrade equipment necessary to your organization's operation
  • Manage timing of receivables from government grants or capital campaigns
  • Expand programs or grow an earned income or social venture
  • Temporarily smooth cash flow to meet day-to-day operating cash needs

With our recent $1.9 million award from the CDFI Fund, we are now offering pre-development loans. These loans may be used to support planning for facility projects or to provide new or expanded services, such as feasibility studies, market research, or business plan development.
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NFF makes loans to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that promote the economic, social or cultural development of diverse communities. Our loan clients are financially equipped to use debt as a strategic tool.
NFF will consider applications from organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • A 501(c)(3) organization or other entity that promotes the economic, social or cultural development of its community
  • Been in existence for 3 years or more (some clients such as social enterprises have shorter operating histories)
  • Unrestricted annual operating revenue of at least $500,000

NFF lenders evaluate smaller nonprofit and social enterprise organizations on a case-by-case basis.