How to Choose a Credit Card

When it comes to choosing a credit card, you have many options to consider as a means of achieving your goal. Ultimately you want a credit card that is the cheapest, and that gives you the most flexible terms and conditions. However, judging those two factors can be difficult for those of us that are not credit card experts. Before you decide for sure that you wish to get a credit card, why not consider the alternatives that are available? 

The Alternatives 

Debit Card - should you want a credit card as a means of ensuring that you can pay with a card, then why not consider getting a debit card instead? This will mean that you are not borrowing any money and that they money is coming out of your bank account. 

Bank overdraft - you should consider using a bank overdraft if you are wanting to borrow money over a longer period of time, as you may find that it will work out cheaper than a credit card. A bank overdraft is basically like a loan of money, however all it means is that you are allowed to have a negative balance in your bank account. 

Bank Loan - a bank loan is often the best solution when you need a loan of money over a longer period of time, or if the amount you need to borrow is a larger amount than what a person would usually borrow using a credit card or a bank overdraft. 

Friends and Family - if you want to borrow money, then you could consider asking your friends and family rather than asking a financial institution. Although many people are in a position where they are not able to do this; some are, and if they can, then it can often work out to be a good solution. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Credit Card 

APR - when choosing a credit card, one factor you need to look at it APR. APR is the amount of money that you will get charged for borrowing money. This amount means the interest rate that you will be charged over the course of a year, and is usually presented in percentage form. 

Limit - this is the amount of money that you will be allowed to borrow. When you reach the limit on your credit card, then that is you; you are back to having no money. Despite that, limits can often work well for ensuring that you keep any debt under control. 

Credit Rating - if you always pay your bills on time, then you will most likely have a good credit rating. If you manage to always pay your bills on time with a credit card, then this will also help to make you look like a person who is more than capable of sound financial management. Because it is important to keep a good credit rating, you should always do whatever it takes to keep your credit rating as good as possible.